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Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) technology, also known as laser 3D printing technology, is an additive manufacturing technology that uses laser as the energy source. Laser has the characteristics of high energy density and can realize the manufacturing of difficult-to-process metals. For example, titanium alloys and high-temperature alloys are used in the aerospace field. At the same time, laser additive manufacturing technology also has the advantage of not being limited by the structure of the parts, and can be used for the processing and manufacturing of complex structures, difficult-to-process and thin-walled parts.

Laser additive manufacturing technology is classified according to its forming principles. The most representative ones are as follows:

  • 1、Selective Laser Melting,SLM Selective Laser Melting (SLM) is characterized by powder bed laying and is oriented to the manufacturing of small and medium-sized precision metal structural parts.
  • 2、Laser Melting Deposition ,LMD Laser Melting Deposition (LMD) is characterized by synchronous powder feeding and is oriented to the molding and manufacturing of large metal structural parts.

Key factors affecting forming quality

Different from traditional metal subtractive or equal material manufacturing technology, metal additive manufacturing technology adopts a point-by-layer accumulation forming method. The forming process involves complex mass transfer and heat transfer processes. The accuracy, structure and performance of its products are different from those of metal. Additive manufacturing equipment, materials and processes are closely related.

Application scenarios

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