GW Laser Partners with Fabtech 2023: Advancing the Use of Laser Technology in Manufacturing
2023-09-14 13:21:15

One of the world’s most influential events in the field of metal processing and manufacturing, Fabtech USA will be held again at the McCormick Exhibition Centre in Chicago. The much-anticipated GW Laser will make its first appearance in the U.S. with its “active air cooling 12,000W continuous fibre laser”!

As a leader in active air-cooling technology, GW Laser will also display 1500w handheld welding, air-cooled 2000w and many other star products on the show floor. GW Laser will also demonstrate handheld welding on-site, so that the audience can experience the handheld laser welding products and watch the welding effect up close. In addition, the technical experts of GW Laser will make special speeches during the exhibition to share the latest trends and application cases of laser technology, and discuss and exchange the latest technology and product solutions with industry professionals and enterprises from all over the world.


01 Handheld welder ace single product: 1500W intelligent handheld laser welder
GW laser 1500W intelligent handheld laser welding machine with the world’s first active air-conditioning direct cooling technology, can support a long time of continuous welding work, to circumvent the laser welding can not be a long time of continuous work, to ensure that the handheld laser welding continuous batch manufacturing work, GW laser handheld laser welding machine in the terminal application, there are customers continuous welding work 24h, greatly improving the processing efficiency.
At the same time, the small fibre core diameter design, can greatly improve the quality of the beam under the same power, high energy density, stable welding performance. With the SMAT intelligent operating system independently developed by GW Laser, with 55 process settings to meet customer demand for welding of different materials, different thicknesses, the average worker can be mastered in 10 minutes of training, and can quickly get started, without the need for a welder’s licence.


At the same time, using ABR super anti-high-reflective technology, it can easily weld common steel (such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, etc.), as well as aluminium alloy, brass and other high-reflective materials.
Welding effect is good, melting depth, high tensile strength, weld seam beautiful, no deformation, no deformation of the weldment, no need for follow-up treatment, welding steel, melting depth up to 7mm; welding aluminium alloy, melting depth up to 6mm; welding copper, melting depth up to 3mm.

02 The world’s leading laser active air-conditioning direct cooling 12000W
GW Laser continues to break through the active air-conditioning direct cooling technology (AAC), and successfully developed 12kw active air-conditioning direct-cooled fibre laser, so that the 10,000-watt continuous fibre laser is not only water-cooled cooling this leg forward, into the air-cooled refrigeration + water-cooled refrigeration two-legged walk, to provide users with more options.

The 12kw active air-conditioned direct-cooled fibre laser is free from the constraints of the water-cooled machine, which effectively reduces the user’s cost of use. At the same time, compared with the traditional passive pure air-cooled cooling solution, the AAC cooling effect is more stable and is not affected by the external environment, so as to achieve continuous, efficient and stable output of the fibre laser, which can be continuously operated under the ambient temperature of -20~50℃, providing more reliable products and services for the customers. products and services for customers.


03 High Performance: AAC Continuous Fibre Laser 2000W
The new generation of economical AAC Continuous Fiber Laser 2000W adopts the world’s first active air-conditioning direct cooling technology, without the need for water cooler, not affected by the ambient temperature, precise temperature control, good heat dissipation effect, high laser stability, no water cooling system failure trouble. The product is highly integrated, small in size, and adopts self-developed SMAT intelligent operating system, intelligent monitoring and simple operation.


GW Laser will continue to be committed to the research and development of laser technology and innovation, standing from the user’s point of view, to provide customers around the world with more efficient, smarter and higher-quality products and laser solutions, and we look forward to seeing more laser technology applications around the world, to bring more breakthroughs and progress for the manufacturing industry. Let’s explore more possibilities of laser technology together, GW Laser is looking forward to meeting you at 2023 Fabtech, Hall B2, Hall B28081!


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