New generation of thin plate cutting king, GW&BOCI 2-in-1 solution is shocking to come!
2023-10-19 16:31:45

In recent years, laser cutting technology has been developing rapidly in various fields, and laser processing machine tools have occupied a large proportion in sheet metal cutting. According to relevant research forecasts, benefiting from the automotive industry, communications and electronics and other manufacturing industries driven by China's sheet metal processing industry in 2023, the market size will reach 4.4 trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 7.3%. Facing the demand for laser cutting technology in the sheet metal processing market, GW Laser released the new PLUS series lasers, especially the ace products 3000 Plus and 6000 Plus, which are specially developed for thin plate cutting, are highly sought after by the majority of users, and the speed of thin plate cutting can be increased by as much as 85%.


01 All-in-one solution, setting a new benchmark in the cutting industry

Under the premise of growing market demand for laser cutting, GW Laser has joined hands with the R&D team of Wave Prick, and after months of tests and experiments, perfectly combined the excellent performance of GW Laser's fibre laser with the stability and precision of Wave Prick's cutting head, and grandly introduced the 2-in-1 cutting solution, which has brought a new generation of cutting experience to the plate cutting technology.

The two-in-one cutting solution adopts PLUS series fibre laser and BLT series cutting head, which perfectly releases the best performance of PLUS series fibre laser and the stability and high efficiency of BLT series cutting head. The new generation of appearance design, the standard 19-inch fibre module, weight <35kg, performance, GW laser provides 3000 PLUS + BLT310 and 6000PLUS + BLT421 two sets of solutions, according to different cutting plate and thickness, can provide different core diameter different collimation and focusing ratio of the collimation scheme, to help users to better, faster and more stable operation.


02 Integration and integration to provide customers with the most perfect product solutions

According to the diversified needs of customers for different plate processing, GW laser matches the cutting two-in-one solution with different parameter configurations, which improves the speed and cutting quality of plate processing. While solving problems for customers, it helps customers save costs to the greatest extent possible, so as to provide customers with the most preferred product solutions.


The two-in-one cutting solution of GW Laser can increase the cutting speed of thin plate by up to 85%! The newly upgraded optical solution is also more anti-reflective, making it easy to process common materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium.


03 Newly upgraded optical solution with ultra-low power attenuation

GW Laser PLUS series lasers adopt 976nm high-efficiency bi-directional pumping technology with electro-optical conversion efficiency ≥40%, which helps users to reduce the energy consumption of equipment in factories. And specially optimised for laser cutting applications, the spot is more uniform, both thin and medium-thick plate laser cutting applications, higher process quality. At the same time can also ensure ultra-low power attenuation. Equipment continuous stable output for one year, power attenuation ≤ 3%, greatly extending the use of the equipment cycle, reducing the user's investment in equipment costs.


With the mission of "LASER AS A TOOL" in mind and adhering to the principle of "customer-centred", GW Laser strives to develop high-quality products that are more suitable, more professional and more capable of solving practical problems for its customers. In the future, GW Laser will continue to provide customers with more advanced and efficient laser solutions, and promote the progress of the laser industry and the development of the industry.

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