Thin plate cutting machine, CS cutting 2-in-1 programme of the first batch of customer “real-world feedback”!
2023-11-02 13:18:14

For the cutting field users of the use of scenarios, in September this year, GW Laser joint Wave Prick R & D team released a new generation of thin plate cutting down the magic weapon: CS3300, CS6600, equipment once launched by the industry has been widely concerned about, and has gained the recognition of a number of customers.In October, the light of the laser after-sales team visited two of the first CS series of products in North China, the field collection of the CS 2-in-1 Cutting programme of the most real user experience.


01 User Feedback: Thin Plate Cutting Efficiency Increased by up to 85%!

Customers in North China placed orders for CS3300 and CS6600 products at the first time when the CS series 2-in-1 high brightness cutting programme was released, and continued to use them for nearly a month. From the customer’s real feedback cutting data, CS3300 in the same parameters to cut the same plate, cutting speed of the fastest increase of 85%. CS6600 in the processing of less than 20mm, the quality of the cutting surface is good, consistent on all sides. Especially in the plate below 6mm, CS6600 can ensure excellent cutting quality at the same time, but also improve the cutting speed by 71%!

Customers said: compared with the previous use of other 3000W and 6000W laser cutting products, CS series of cutting products is the biggest feature of fast, optical laser CS 2-in-1 cutting programme can be nearly doubled the cutting speed! Not only the material block, but also very stable, after cutting the plate does not change shape. And in the cutting of about 6mm plate, CS6600 can achieve stable processing of normal drop, good quality cutting surface, the speed is also significantly improved!




CS Series 2-in-1 High Brightness Cutting Solution is tailor-made for thin plate cutting users by GW Laser and BOCI, combining the high beam quality and high brightness of GW Laser’s PLUS series with BOCI’s excellent optical structure and accessories, featuring ultra-high brightness and ultra-high energy density, which enables users to cut thin plates with faster speed and better results, and greatly helps users to improve processing efficiency.


02 Core optimisation for more than a little improvement

How does the CS series of 2-in-1 high brightness cutting solutions achieve improved cutting performance?

Thanks to the close cooperation between the R&D teams of GW and BOCI, the CS series solutions have been optimised in every aspect, from the adaptation of core parameters to the structural design of the products, to greatly improve the cutting performance of the equipment and to ensure stable and efficient processing and production. The following is an example of how the CS series 2-in-1 high brightness cutting solution improves cutting performance by optimising parameters.


Beam quality M²

Excellent beam quality results in faster cutting speed and higher finish of the cut surface, while making it possible to cut highly reflective materials such as copper and aluminium, improving the productivity, quality and application range of cutting. For thin plate cutting, when the M² factor is closer to 1, the better the beam quality, the smaller the corresponding divergence angle, the faster the cutting speed and the better the effect. Taking single mode 3000W equipment as an example, the M² range of friendly products is generally in the range of 5~6, while the M² of Guanghui Laser PLUS3000 products is ≤3.

Ultra-high brightness

Under the same power condition, the optical system is specially tuned by the special design of Wave Spike R&D team, which makes the spot at the focus of the high-brightness laser smaller and the power density higher.


Laser brightness is inversely related to the square of the quality of the beam, and the quality of the beam will affect the laser brightness exponentially. So although the industry’s laser technology and products are upgraded every year, but there is no essential innovation to improve the power seems to be difficult to meet the needs of the industry. In such a background, the optical laser to return to the essence of the laser, in addition to improving the laser power, more attention to improving the brightness of the laser, CS series against the same power products, the brightness of an average of 3 to 4 times higher.

Power Density

Laser power density is a factor that can directly affect the cutting speed. Under the condition of other parameters and factors are the same, change the laser power density, the cutting speed of the material and the laser power density is proportional to the power density, that is, increase the power density can improve the cutting speed. The laser power density is related to the beam area at the focal point. Through a series of calculations, Guanghui Laser eventually adjusts a series of parameters such as collimation and focusing ratio to customise a variety of parameter solutions for the specific cutting needs of different users, striving to maximise efficiency and provide optimal quality solutions for users.

In addition, CS series products also use high-efficiency 976nm bi-directional pumping technology, electro-optical conversion efficiency ≥ 40%, effectively helping users to reduce equipment energy consumption. At the same time, for some users processing copper, aluminium, stainless steel and other high-reverberation materials needs, lightwise laser using ABR multiple anti-high-reverberation technology, can reduce the return light on the laser resonance cavity damage, increase the reliability of the user’s equipment to use, and greatly extend the service life of the equipment.

GW Laser has always been adhering to the “LASER AS A TOOL”, around the “let the laser become a universal tool for universal benefit” this firm mission, to provide customers with more useful and affordable laser equipment. Meanwhile, Brightwell Laser has been exploring different product solutions for customers, bringing more valuable technological innovations to improve customer experience and productivity, and being a pioneer in technology and application for customers.

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