With low temperatures on the way, check out the most complete and professional guide to freeze-proofing your laser!
2023-11-08 17:01:13

This week, most parts of the country ushered in a new round of cooling, many places cooling more than 10 degrees. Laser as a more precise processing equipment, work or storage in the environment below 5 ℃, easy due to the temperature is too low so that the internal cooling structure and optics can not run normally, the temperature comes to 0 ℃, may cause the water cooling system internal piping deformation or rupture, resulting in equipment failure. Therefore, the key point of the laser winter maintenance and protection is to prevent freezing and low temperature, then how to operate it?

No.1 Frost protection measures

1、Normal use during the day, power saving and no power supply at night, and the temperature of the water cooler is set above 0℃;

2, the laser's working environment as far as possible to maintain the temperature range of 25 ± 3 ℃ to ensure that the laser is always in the best use of the environment;

3, antifreeze can be added in time to avoid rupture caused by freezing on the cold water pipe, resulting in coolant leakage. If the temperature is reduced to below 0 ℃, the cooling water will all use antifreeze;

4, the laser and other equipment storage temperature try to keep above 5 ℃;

5, long unused or power outage state, the water cooler will be emptied of water, and the equipment will be stored in the environment above 5 ℃.

No.2 Drainage method of water cooler

Step 1: Switch off all the power supply before draining, open the drain valve at the back of the water cooler, and drain the accumulated water in the water cooler;

Step 2: Remove the water inlet and outlet pipes at the back of the water cooler and mark them so that they can be reinstalled accurately;

Step 3: Unscrew the water chiller filter cartridge and empty the water accumulated in the filter cartridge;

Step 4: Use 0.2MPA (2KG) gas to one end of the water pipe to empty the water accumulated inside the laser.


If you need to use the air gun to blow air drainage, you need to open all the interfaces (including the water filling port) in advance, use the air gun to blow in the gas from the water inlet, not from the water outlet, the pressure of the drainage gas should not be too high, otherwise it may damage the laser. Make sure all the water is discharged thoroughly, so as not to damage the water-cooled pipelines and devices by freezing the residual liquid.

No.3 Precautions for using antifreeze

1, can not be used for a long time antifreeze has a use period, used for a long time will deteriorate. Therefore, after the weather warms up, be sure to discharge it, clean the pipeline and change back to ionised water;

2, different brands or different varieties of antifreeze can not be mixed with different brands of antifreeze chemical composition is different, after mixing may occur after the chemical reaction, the loss of antifreeze effect as well as the reaction of the pollution residue;

3, antifreeze brands and ratios recommended to recommend the choice of CLARIANT (Clariant) brand Antifrogen-N ethylene glycol - water type antifreeze.

No.4 Precautions for switching on the machine in winter

1、Ensure that the laser equipment can be switched on only when the room temperature is 5-35℃;

2、Check whether the water-cooled tube is iced up or not, the laser equipment can not be switched on under iced up condition;

3, if there is icing, please open the air conditioning or heating facilities, the laser equipment in the environment temperature to 5-35 ℃, and static for more than 4 hours, to be iced naturally melted before the next operation, do not take violence de-icing, so as not to damage the equipment hardware;

4, after confirming that the laser equipment without icing, you need to turn on the chiller for preheating;

5, to be chiller cycle temperature rises to normal temperature (recommended temperature: 25 ± 3 ℃ or so), before you can turn on the laser;

6, after the normal boot, the energy will be adjusted to 30% or less, empty playing light preheating for about 10 minutes, and then carry out normal production operations.

Although the cold air attacked people, the service is enthusiastic. Optical laser always adhere to the "customer-centric", the after-sales team 24h uninterrupted service for you, to accompany you through each season! If you have any equipment or other problems, please call the toll-free hotline 4000-111-976.

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