GW Laser active air cooling 12kW wins another technical innovation award!
2023-11-29 14:59:56

On 28th November, GW Laser was invited to participate in the 2023 China Laser Star Enterprise Summit and Advanced Laser Processing Technology Summit Forum co-hosted by Hubei Optical Society and Laser House, and won the "Best Fibre Laser Technology Innovation Award" with its "12000W Active Air Cooling Continuous Fiber Laser", and the company's founder and CTO, Dr. Ding Jianwu, was awarded the "Outstanding Person in Laser Industry Award".



Fibre Laser Technology Re-Innovation

The award-winning products were selected by the organiser by inviting authoritative experts in the field of lasers, universities and research institutes to form a panel of judges to conduct a comprehensive assessment, in which GW Laser's "12000W Active Air Cooling Continuous Fiber Laser" product, whether in the technological foresight, or the innovative application, was unanimously recognised by all the professionals on the spot. The product "12000W active air cooling continuous fiber laser" of GW Laser was unanimously recognised by all the professionals on the spot.

GW Laser is the first enterprise with 976nm high-efficiency pumping technology as its core technology in China, and also the first high-tech enterprise to make air-cooled handheld welding lasers and the first to launch 10,000-watt high-power air-cooled lasers. In the first half of this year, we launched the world-shocking active air cooling 12kW laser, which has won a number of awards such as "Best Fiber Laser Technology Innovation Award" and "Best Fiber Laser Technology Innovation Award". Its core technology "active air cooling technology" is even called the benchmark of air-cooling technology for fibre lasers in the industry.


Ahead of its time, industry leader

In the keynote report session of this event, Zhang Yan, Application Director of GW Laser, also unveiled the technical key of 12000W active air cooling technology, as well as the sharing of many core technologies. GW Laser hopes that through more technical exchanges, to promote the fiber laser industry towards a better and faster direction of diversified development.


The award-winning 12,000W active air cooling continuous fiber laser adopts the "AAC active air cooling technology" pioneered by GW Laser, in which the laser's heat dissipation system can be supplied on-demand, and the supply of cold can be adjusted independently to achieve real-time temperature control. The mature cooling technology allows the laser to maintain efficient and stable output at the optimal temperature without the need for a water cooler or intermediate heat exchange.


At the same time, 12000W active air cooling continuous fiber laser also adopts CHF condensed high-brightness flat-top technology, which can output a more uniform distribution of laser energy at higher energy density, especially in the 10,000-watt class above the continuous power output, the laser output is more stable, and it can reduce the Gaussian energy input to the optical lens of the index requirements and the risk of damage. In the application of thicker plate cutting, CHF technology can make use of the higher energy density, which makes the 10,000-watt product series of OptoWise Laser have excellent performance in cutting thick plates to achieve bright surface cutting, while taking into account the application process requirements in specific scenarios.

In addition, air-cooled 12kW adhere to the "energy efficient" concept of environmental protection, from the user's cost of use and electricity costs, optical laser air-cooled 12kW can effectively reduce the user's cost of electricity, an average of one year of electricity costs can be saved more than 30%! At the same time to eliminate the daily use of water coolers and maintenance costs, to help customers control expenditure.

With the 12000W active air-conditioned direct-cooled continuous fibre laser, GW Laser won the Best Fibre Laser Technology Innovation Award, which is the recognition and affirmation of GW Laser's air-cooled technology by the majority of users and many professionals in the industry. We will adhere to the principle of "customer first", always from the customer's point of view, to bring more high-quality customer products. At the same time, GW Laser will continue to play a key role as a technologically innovative enterprise, through continuous research in the field of lasers and related technologies, to shine a bright light for the development of the industry, and through continuous innovation of products and technology, to become the industry leader, and create a bright future!

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