Helping industry accelerate, GW Laser cutting test reveal
2023-12-04 13:13:36

CS high brightness cutting two-in-one programme has been released for nearly two months, and has been running smoothly in a number of customers' factories across the country, helping to speed up industrial processing.
Recently, our R & D and after-sales team visited a customer in Shandong, North China, the company has a perfect laser processing plant in North China, the product category covers laser cutting, laser welding, laser cleaning, for industry, scientific research and other fields to provide industrial laser solutions.

Both speed and quality, excellent cutting performance
This time we interviewed the person in charge of this company, Mr. Xia, to gain an in-depth understanding of the CS high brightness cutting two-in-one programme in the user's actual use of the process of feedback.
GW Laser: "Using the CS cutting two-in-one programme process, how is the overall feeling of use?"
Mr Xia: "We purchased this set of CS cutting two-in-one equipment, use has been more than a month, the overall feeling is "fast"! Compared with the previous 6000W equipment, the cutting speed is estimated to be doubled. Especially in the 6mm sheet cutting, both cutting speed, but also the quality of the cut, CS6600 2-in-1 can ensure faster cutting speed and higher quality of the cut."

"We have done our own internal testing, CS cutting 2-in-1 programme even when cutting 40mm carbon steel is not a problem, good cutting quality and high consistency on all sides."

Half the effort, help users to improve efficiency
GW Laser: "In addition to faster cutting speed, better quality, there are no other feelings?"
Mr Xia: "Another is "save time and effort", the original need for a fortnight of work, can now be completed within a week. And because this set of equipment can be very stable to maintain good processing speed and processing quality, greatly reducing the factory in the processing process of product defective rate, so that the entire period is greatly shortened, the processing process can also be more smoothly."

GW & BOCI jointly create cutting solutions
GW Laser: "Good, indeed, CS cutting two-in-one programme in the cutting speed and cutting quality by a number of customers, can let our engineers to introduce specifically."
GW engineer: "GW Laser in the beginning of this year when we began to prepare for the CS high brightness cutting two-in-one programme design work, during which we and the R & D team of Wave Spur has also communicated many times about what the ultimate purpose of this programme is, to bring customers what kind of processing effect and experience.
The CS High Brightness Cutting 2-in-1 solution adopts the newly released PLUS series fibre laser of GW Laser, which joins hands with the BLT series cutting head of Wave Spur, to maximize the high brightness characteristics of GW Laser's PLUS series, so that it can achieve excellent cutting performance.
The cutting speed just mentioned by the customer is indeed the data we tested in our own lab, the cutting speed can be increased by 71%, the data may fluctuate slightly for different batches of plates. At the same time, in order to ensure that the cutting speed is fast at the same time, the cutting quality must also be guaranteed, CS high brightness cutting 2-in-1 programme can ensure good four-sided consistency, to ensure stable processing, normal drop."

After that, GW Laser R & D, after-sales team and the customer launched a series of discussions, in-depth understanding of the problems encountered by the customer in the processing process, for the processing process, parameter debugging and so on the exchange of advice and experience, for the customer to optimise the process. At the same time, GW Laser also collected some other suggestions and feedback from customers, and will continue to optimise and improve afterwards.
Thank you for every customer has been on GW Laser support and trust, we are always committed to technological innovation and efficiency, and continue to always adhere to the "customer first", from the customer's point of view, and constantly optimise their own products and technology, but also will integrate more high-quality resources, to provide customers with more comprehensive high-quality solutions.

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