GW & BOCI Jointly Create Cutting Solutions, Leading the "Fast" Era of Sheet Metal Processing
2023-12-19 15:38:28

In September this year, GW Laser and BOCI joint research and development and the successful launch of the CS high-brightness cutting two-in-one solution for sheet metal cutting launched the CS3300 and CS6600 two solutions, and continue to harvest a number of customers a number of good reviews, but also received a series of such as: "Cutting under the machine", "the king of sheet metal cutting speed" and other stickers. The CS3300 and CS6600 solutions have been receiving positive feedback from customers, and have also received a series of labels such as "Cutting and Unloading Magic" and "King of Sheet Metal Cutting Speed".

As the first batch of loyal users of CS high-brightness cutting two-in-one solution, Liwei Laser has the largest laser processing workshop in North China, with product categories covering laser cutting, laser welding, laser cleaning and so on. Recently, the after-sales and marketing personnel of GW Laser, together with the sales team of LW Laser, visited the sheet metal processing customers in Hebei, and examined whether the CS6600 could double the cutting efficiency in the batch processing in the factory.

1. processing efficiency, far ahead!

Weicheng laser responsible person Xia said, in the use of nearly two months, cutting efficiency and quality have significantly improved, compared with products in the same industry speed up nearly double, a CS6600 equipment workload, equivalent to the original 3000W 2.5 times.

2. strong stability, faster

There are two sets of CS6600 high brightness cutting two-in-one products in the factory, the workers took the cutting products to show us: "GW laser CS6600 can not only keep the four sides of the full bright cross-section, continuous whole plate cutting can also maintain stable cutting, no breakpoints and no fluctuations". In terms of cutting speed, the customer said, "Cutting 2mm carbon steel, the speed can reach 60m/min, 6mm aluminium plate speed can reach 9m/min, cutting speed acceleration has greatly improved our processing efficiency."

In the customer's factory cutting plate test, the use of CS6600 high brightness solution cutting 2-6mm plate speed, compared with the same power friend solution can be the fastest 71%! And thanks to the highly integrated design of the CS series, on-site in-plant matching test, the customer almost no need to debugging work, you can achieve stable processing equipment.

3. High-anti-materials, easy to deal with

Independent intellectual property rights of the ABR super anti-high-reflection technology, the use of multiple anti-high-reflection structure design, so that the user in the processing of copper, aluminium, gold, silver and other high-reflective materials can also be handled with ease. At the same time, ABR super anti-high-reflection technology can greatly reduce the return light damage to the laser cavity, increase the reliability and stability of the user's equipment, and effectively increase the service life of the fibre laser.

Thank you for the strong support of the user visits, GW Laser team will always adhere to the "customer first" principle, continue to go deeper into the customer, with the end customer, together with the better, higher quality products popularised to more users. At the same time, GW Laser will also join hands with more head enterprises to jointly develop more equipment and solutions to solve the actual problems of users, and continue to lead and innovate the industry in a new direction!

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