Show Report | GW Laser 2024 SPIE Photonics West concluded with a perfect ending!
2024-02-02 16:49:41

On 30th January, SPIE Photonics West 2024 kicked off at Moscone Exhibition Center in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. As a leading 976nm fibre laser company in China, GW  Laser attracted many new and old customers and professionals in the industry to visit and negotiate.

During the technology sharing session, Dr Ding Jianwu, founder of GW Laser, delivered a keynote speech on the topic of "Active Air Conditioning Direct Cooling 12kW Laser", and exchanged ideas and enthusiastic discussions with the professionals on site.

Dr Ding Jianwu said that SPIE Photonics West, as the largest optical and optoelectronics technology expo in North America, is not only an opportunity for technical exchanges, but also an opportunity to export China's fibre laser products and 976nm technology to the outside world.

At the beginning of 2024, GW Laser launched a new series of handheld welding, LW forced air-cooled handheld welding, which also became the focus of the exhibition.The LW series of forced air-cooled handheld welding adopts a phase-change heat dissipation system, which allows it to work continuously without stopping at ambient temperatures ranging from -10 to 40°C, greatly improving the processing efficiency of users.

At the same time, it adopts ABR super anti-high-reflective technology, which can easily weld common steel (such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, etc.), as well as aluminium alloy, brass and other high-reflective materials.

In addition, the CS 2-in-1 High Brightness Cutting Solution has been well received by overseas customers. The solution is tailor-made for thin plate cutting users by GW Laser and BOCI, combining the high beam quality and high brightness of GW Laser PLUS series with BOCI's excellent optical structure and accessories, featuring ultra-high brightness and ultra-high energy density, which enables users to cut thin plates faster and with better results, and greatly helps users to improve processing efficiency.

GW Laser is a leading company dedicated to the development and exploration of 976nm technology, insisting on being the global leader in high brightness fibre laser technology. Through the platform of Photonics West, GW Laser has demonstrated its excellent fibre laser products to more overseas customers, and also exchanged its industry-leading technology and experience with more professionals, which has been well received by the customers who have visited the exhibition. GW laser will continue to adhere to the "customer-centric", and continue to provide customers with more comprehensive high-quality solutions for the development of the industry to inject more new vitality.

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