GW Laser Shockingly Launches Desktop Handheld Laser Welder to Build Global Handheld Welding Ecosystem
2024-03-08 10:44:05

Providing customers with "more efficient, better and more affordable" laser products has always been the first priority of the R&D team of GW Laser, and at the beginning of 2024, GW Laser launched the "Welding Machine for the Year of the Dragon" for the market: the "Desktop" handheld laser welder LW series. In the beginning of 2024, Lite-On Laser launched the "welding machine of the year of the dragon": "desktop" handheld laser welding machine LW series, which is targeted at solving the problems of the users such as inability to weld continuously, high noise, bulky and inconvenient to move the equipment, and to create a more suitable for the users of the handheld welding series products.

GW Laser LW-1200A Desktop Handheld Laser Welder is uniquely designed with special emphasis on minimizing noise during operation, providing a more comfortable working environment for users. Compared to other welding equipment, the GW desktop handheld laser welder not only improves work efficiency, but also greatly improves the user's work experience and reduces hearing fatigue that can occur during long hours of work. Whether it's a work area with strict noise level requirements or a dense workplace, GW's desktop handheld laser welder can meet the needs.

At the same time, the new generation of "desktop" integrated appearance, with 26kg lightweight design, easy to carry, easy to move. The small size contains powerful energy, can easily weld high anti-materials.

Unlike traditional air-cooled handheld welding that involves downtime processing, GW  Laser forced air-cooled handheld welding allows continuous welding without downtime. Continuous operation is realized in the ambient temperature of -10~40℃. Easy welding by selecting parameters such as processed material, plate thickness, and process.

So that you are not limited by downtime, not limited by process, not limited by the season, for your processing efficiency to achieve a doubling of the increase.

GW Laser aims to provide a safer experience for welding workers from the customer's point of view. GW's new generation of desktop handheld laser welder integrates multiple safety protection functions, including input air pressure detection, torch head light out switch, laser enable CNC switch, LOOP safety lock, emergency stop button, laser power switch and so on.

Meanwhile, it has four major alarm monitoring (temperature alarm, current alarm, voltage alarm, air pressure alarm), which provides users with all-around, intelligent safety protection and makes welding operation more controllable, intelligent and peace of mind.

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