Invitation | GW Laser invites you to join us at LASER world of PHOTONICS CHINA
2024-03-15 11:08:24

LASER world of PHOTONICS CHINA 2024 will be held on March 20-22, 2024 (Wednesday-Friday) at Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the theme of "World's Leading Fiber Laser Solutions", GW LASER cordially invites you to visit our booth W2-2420.

1. Eight exhibition areas, leading a number of industry technology-based innovation

GW Laser has always been committed to providing users with professional solutions, LASER world of PHOTONICS CHINA 2024 GW Laser will be around the "tram and new energy, CS cutting 2-in-1, metal processing, 3D printing, handheld welding full series, 3C precision processing" and other eight thematic areas, to bring you the industry's latest and most hardened technical solutions.

Tram and new energy, help new energy vehicles advanced intellectual manufacturing

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the industry's requirements for processing efficiency and yield rate are becoming extreme. For this reason, GW Laser has strongly launched a new solution for the new energy industry, helping to speed up the production of new energy trolley cars and doubling the efficiency. For more details, please look forward to the exhibition site of PHOTONICS CHINA 2024

GW Laser & BOCI,High Brightness Cutting 2-in-1 Solution CS Series

The classic work of GW Laser and BOCI has received a lot of favorable comments from customers upon its launch in 2023. This series deeply matches the PLUS series high-brightness lasers and BLT series cutting heads to increase cutting speed by up to 85%. According to the diversified needs of customers for processing different plates, GW Laser matches the cutting 2-in-1 solution with different parameter configurations, helping cutting users to realize a doubling of processing efficiency.

Mini air-cooled handheld welding shock release, empowering the handheld welding industry chain

Committed to creating the industry's most complete handheld welding product system, GW laser handheld welding R & D team launched three major handheld welding series in full bloom to meet the needs of different customers. Targeted to solve the user's inability to continuous welding, noise, equipment bulky and inconvenient to move and other issues, to create more suitable for the user's handheld welding series products, advanced technology, flexible design, intelligent control system and the global certification of the protection, to become the customer's ideal welding partner.

2.Industry Technology Sharing

GW Laser has invited relevant experts in the industry to share in-depth information on the 

hottest topics such as tram and new energy, 3D printing, precision machining, etc. 

at the exhibition site.

3.Customized Gifts 

Scan the code to follow + on-site card, participate in a variety of play to receive a small 

gift carefully customized for you.

For more details, GW Laser is looking forward to seeing you at booth W2-2420.

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