Directly to the booth of GW Laser! The latest report of LASER world of PHOTONICS 2024!
2024-03-21 21:56:42

As one of the world's leading brands of high-brightness fiber lasers, GW Laser has always been committed to promoting the development and application of laser technology. 

On the site of this exhibition, GW Laser in W2-2420 eight exhibition areas correspond to the tram and new energy, 3C precision processing, sheet metal cutting, cladding, 

3D printing and other industry themes, and launched a targeted laser products and industry solutions, attracting many customers to visit and discuss.

01 The most "hot" exhibition area: tram and new energy

New energy and trolley buses, which have gained the most momentum in recent years, are still eye-catching in this exhibition,and the "P3C" one-stop solution for new energy vehicles 

 brought by GW Laser will help the consistency of the production of new energy trolley buses in the key aspects.

Solution Advantage:

(1)Professional system application team to help customers tailor-made laser welding engineering solutions.

(2)Combined with artificial intelligence multi-dimensional vision program, activate the new quality of productivity

(3)Ultra-high stability, more than 8000 hours of trouble-free work

(4)Integrated integration, to meet the customer more use of the scene

02 most "stable" exhibition area: 3D printing

With "ultra-high power stability", GW Laser's high-brightness series products have received close attention and unanimous praise from customers in the 3D printing industry.

The product displayed in the 3D printing exhibition area: high-brightness YLPS-500-W, its power stability <±1.2%, M2 ≤ 1.1 stunned the audience. 

Many 3D printing samples were also displayed on site to share technical experience and parameters with the audience.

03 The most "powerful" exhibition area: CS cutting 2-in-1

The cutting solution "CS High Brightness Cutting 2-in-1", jointly developed by GW Laser and BOCI,was also the focus of the exhibition. 

As one of the best-selling models of GW Laser in 2023,the booth shared many application cases and parameters to help users unlock more usage scenario

04 The most "comprehensive" exhibition area: handheld welding exhibition area

With the release of the new generation of forced air-cooled handheld welding LW series, Bright Laser has completed the layout of the three major product matrices of "water-cooled", 

"forced air-cooled" and "active air-conditioning direct cooling". Layout. Empowering the handheld welding ecosystem, to create the industry's most complete handheld welding, 

GW laser will continue to update the user, continue to provide users with professional services.

05 The most "dazzling" punch card, to receive exquisite customized gifts

During the exhibition to visit the optical laser booth, complete the punch card task can get an exquisite gift.The excitement continues! GW Laser warmly invites you to visit 

our booth W2-2420 at LASER world of PHOTONICS. We will work together with the most cutting-edge laser technology to show you the industry's leading products and solutions.

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