Focusing on the laser frontier, GW Laser helps upgrade industry solutions!
2024-03-27 10:39:03

The three-day LASER world of PHOTONICS 2024 has come to a successful end, and GW Laser has once again demonstrated its leading position in the field of global laser technology. As a company dedicated to promoting the development and application of laser technology, GW Laser presented many impressive new products and industry solutions at the show.

Trams and new energy

The development of electric vehicle technology continues to progress, the cost of batteries has fallen, making the tram more competitive, it is expected that this year China's new energy vehicle production will exceed ten million. The battery is a key factor in determining the price. Laser welding is an important part of battery production, widely used in explosion-proof valves, pole posts, pole lugs adapter piece, sealing and so on.

GW Laser tunable beam continuous fiber laser all-fiber architecture output, high brightness center beam and ring beam can be independently controlled, the outer ring preheating, welding process is stable, beautiful molding, welding speed, almost zero spatter.

Product Selection Chart:

Infrared-Blue Laser Composite Welding

Materials such as copper are used in large quantities in the laser welding of triboelectric systems, which requires high yields for irreversible critical environments. 

When welding copper materials, there are problems such as low absorption of infrared laser, serious spattering and porosity, difficulty in controlling heat effects, 

and changes in absorption rate at different temperatures.GW Laser has specially launched the "air-cooled welding P3C solution", and the professional system application team provides customers with customized solutions, 

which can meet the continuous processing requirements of users in different scenarios. The new integrated platform design, 

combined with artificial intelligence multi-dimensional vision program, immediately activate the factory's new quality productivity.

3D Printing Solutions

3D printing industry requires high brightness and stability of fiber laser. GW Laser's ultra-brightness equipment injects new vitality into the 3D printing industry.

The power stability of the ultra-brightness PS series products can be stabilized at <±1.2%, and the beam quality M²≤1.1, higher energy density and higher stability make 3D printing customers in the processing process like a tiger.

The three-day exhibition has come to an end, thanks to the support and love of many customers. GW laser will not forget the original intention, continue to adhere to the "customer-centric", for more users in China to provide more better, more efficient fiber laser equipment and solutions.

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