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QCW laser is a powerful, reliable and practical laser that can be used in different applications to meet customer requirements. It provides researchers with a new development possibility and also brings innovation to laser technology. Useful improvements. QCW lasers have many advantages, especially high power, high efficiency, excellent beam quality, small size and low cost, and can meet the requirements of a variety of applications. On the other hand, the power consumption cost of its laser is lower than that of other lasers, especially the use cost is much lower than that of traditional YAG laser, which can meet the economic requirements.
Product characteristics:
The QCW laser is small in size and has various compatibility. It can be used directly as a direct replacement for traditional products on the market. It is easy to wire and can be used in offline scenarios
QCW laser = pulse laser + continuous laser, which can switch between pulse and continuous modes, and handle the processing tasks of two different lasers at the same time
QCW laser has the characteristics of high peak and high pulse power, and its peak power can reach 10 times the average power in continuous mode operation
the pulse energy stability is high, and the pulse energy stability fluctuation is ≤2%, which is suitable for precision laser welding scenarios.
The QCW laser can select the beam mode and fiber core diameter according to different application requirements (laser welding, laser cutting). A variety of output core diameters are available, suitable for different application scenarios
QCW laser can replace the traditional lamp-pumped (YAG) laser. QCW laser = Nd: YAG laser (drilling + welding) + fiber laser (cutting).
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