Product Families

Suiting respective product needs from various applications, GW offer three families of quality laser products to meet the diverse needs of customers
  • Entry Grade

    Quality products with superior cost competitiveness. Providing basic and robust performance even in harsh environment.
  • Performance Grade

    Quality products with superior performance, more functionality, minimum service interruption and industry-leading long lifetime.
  • International Grade

    Upgrade on the Pro family products certified with tough safety and quality standards, such as CE,CdRH, RoHS, etc. Int’l family products are all backed by GW’s global service network for mini-mum service interruption.

Naming convention


YLProduct type identification
PProduct family identification
SProduct category identification
Wwater cooling / Aair cooling / Ffan cooling
3000Product power or energy index
weldIndustry or custom logos
No Data
No Data

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